Penrith Panthers To Get A Brand New Stadium – Opening In 2025

The MIGHTY Penrith Panthers, your 2021 NRL Premiers, will be playing out of a brand new 20-30,000 seat stadium in 2025 after the NSW Government officially announced plans and funding for the project.

The design of the new stadium will be decided upon soon, with official saying that you can expect something along the lines of Townsville’s Stadium with one end being opened and the rest of the stadium being a steep, all seater.

For viewing, I’ve never been to a stadium better than Parramatta Stadium, so I personally hope we gets a copy of the viewing experience you get there. The cool thing is, you can make both of these stadium designs very unique with how you design the outside of the stadium, and you can expect this new stadium in Penrith to be coated in black and with Penrith’s famous colours on it.

The main thing that needs to be considered is the viewing experience. That should be the number one priority.

When you go to games at Parramatta Stadium your get a great view no matter where you are seated. The steep seating gets the crowd right on top of the action. You get two big screens so you don’t miss anything at all. We need that at Penrith Football Stadium. Anything else is just a bonus.

If the design that is chosen has one open end like we see at Townsville that will not only allow the stadium to build something unique at that end of the ground, but also allow the stadium to be upgraded in the future if needed.

So, more great news for the Penrith region!

If you’d like to hear what else I’d like to see at the new stadium, have a listen to a podcast I did with Penrith Panthers super fan Nadine as we did a whole episode on what we want from a new Penrith Football Stadium!

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