Penrith Panthers Threaten Legal Action Against Sydney Daily Telegraph

The Penrith Panthers have issued a short press release on their web site threatening legal action against the Sydney Daily Telegraph for an article they published today in regards to the ASADA investigation and the the suspension of former Penrith Panthers winger Sandor Earl.

It is a shocking turn of events that has really come out of no where. I guess with careers now being on the line for a number of people we will start to see all sides lawyer up.

The Penrith Panthers obviously felt that the Daily Telegraph misrepresented the situation they faced with Earl and the ASADA investigation. I guess it will now all play out in court.

This is the official statement by the Penrith Panthers:

Panthers are very disappointed with the inaccurate and misleading story in today’s Daily Telegraph.

Panthers have been cooperating; including providing receipts for what the club believes is legitimate treatment of the player.

Panthers are taking legal action because of damage to their reputation and because of the misleading and untrue allegations.

We will be making no further comment, as it is now a legal matter.

Obviously with all sides looking to take legal action against one another its difficult to say much about any of this without worrying that some lawyer is going to get in touch.

I think this sums of my feelings over this whole matter though….

Link: Panthers Official Statement

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