New Zealand Test Coach Gary Kemble Quits

Gary Kemble has resigned his position as New Zealands test coach effective immediatly.

At the end of the day Gary Kemble put himself out of his own misery and quit as coach of the New Zealand Test side.

After a disasterous term as Kiwi coach and with players speaking out against his lack of experience, it was the best think he could have done.

Despite their claims, the NZRL board also did everything they could to undermine him.

Wayne Bennett is now expected to be named New Zealand coach as the NZRL has lifted its stupid rule that required the New Zealand coach to be a resident of New Zealand.

Lets hope for the games sake that Bennett can make something happen for the Kiwis.

As it stands right now they look like they will be walking into an ambush when the World Cup starts. Australia will be ready for a huge performance as they always are.

Lets also hope that the idiots at the NZRL dont give Australia any more reasons to thrash their national team.

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