More Attention Seeking Behaviour By Paul Sculthorpe

While not playing club football and having not been part of test calculations for a number of years, Paul Sculthrope took it upon himself to retire from the test arena.

Incidentally I also announced my retirement from Test football soon after along with mickey mouse and the lock ness monster….a sad day indeed.

Now it seems after playing….well….no games since, Sculthorpe has had a change of heart and will un-retire from Test football to play for England at the world cup.

What a f*cking loser!

How about you just get back on the field at any level for a few minutes you stupid old fool.

How about you wake up to the fact that you are so far from being a walk up start to a rep side that its not even funny.

I know you have been out of the spotlight for a while and in your little world in St Helen’s people aren’t licking your arse as much these day, but that doesn’t mean you can come out and make statements like you will graciously consider playing for you country again when in fact you are not fit to play for Thatto Heath C grade at the moment!

You can just imagine the fear running through the Australian, New Zealand and PNG camp at news that Mr Biscuit is now un-retired!

The sooner these big headed Pommy players get a reality check the better. They stick to their own little town in northern England, they sign long contracts so they don’t have to leave the lovely little reality they have created for themselves…..and when it comes time to step outside the comfort zone and face the worlds best they embarrass themselves and become a laughing stock.

Yeah, you un-retire Scully. You make yourself available for England. Just don’t forget, you cant even get through a few soft Super League game and haven’t done for years now.

Maybe you should leave Test football to players that, you know, actually play.

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