The Mad Quokkas – The Best Rugby League Team EVER!

Yes this is the official website of the Mad Quokkas!

Fuck off!

Our Team
We will name our team when we are good and ready!

Our Logo
You’ve seen our logo already you deadshit! One thing is for certain, its better than a “mad squirrel”! What is a squirrel anyway? Its just a fucking rat with a fuzzy tail!

Our Colours
Red. Just red. Not white. Theres’s no blue here. Not any other shit colours. Just red. Like the blood of ours victims. Especially the Vrchlabi Mad Squirrels!

Our Location
Wherever the fuck we want!

Our History
Its none of your fucking business!

Membership Information
Fuck off, we’re full!

Supporter Bus
Ya Mum!

To Apply For Fan In The Stand
All that is required is that you take a selfie in front of a mirror and send it too someone who gives a shit you fucking loser!

RIP Henry: 2002-2007

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