Luke Keary’s Origin Switch Denied By NRL, Mal Meninga Whinges About It

Luke Keary has had his appeal against his State Of Origin eligibility denied by the National Rugby League.

Keary qualified for New South Wales under the current rules but decided he wanted to play for Queensland. He was the first big test of the current rules and it’s seems the NRL was not willing to undermine the new rules just yet.

The reaction from Mal Meninga was swift and predictable…

Meninga claims that “bullying tactics” have been used, that the process is not working, that the Rugby League Players Association should be involved, and just generally had a little meltdown over the news.

I’d have some sympathy for Meninga’s stance if he had not spent so many years convincing so many non Queensland born and raised players to play for the Maroons over the years.

It is really clear to me that State Of Origin needs to go back to one hard and fast rule. You play for the state you were born in.

No loopholes, no extra rules, just make it state versus state and get rid of any reason for anyone to even think they can whinge about where they were born.

That would solve all of this. It would also enhance the series in my opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Luke Keary’s Origin Switch Denied By NRL, Mal Meninga Whinges About It

  1. Everyone needs to settle down and remember that before this born crap was around it was where you played junior footy. Inglis is a good player but he isn’t the team. We won last year with him and Slater playing the worse origin series they ever played. NSW supporters just need to realize selectors really hurt them many times with to many combinations and this current team, Including Locky is a once in a million years thing.

    1. Yeah, must really suck when Billy Slater and Greg Inglis have an off series…

      Greg Inglis on his worst day is about the 4th best player in the world. On his best day he is the best player in the world by a long way.

      He was born, raised, played his junior football AND his first junior representative football in New South Wales.

      I kinda think that is something that needs to be addressed!

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