Top Five Rugby League Clubs – July 2006

So who are the “Best of the Best”?

In this section of the web site, League Freak Ranks the top five clubs in the world.

This ranking will change only when they need to be changed. They may not change for a long time, they may change week to keep.

One thing that must be kept in mind is that, to be among the best clubs in the world in no easy task. Its not something that happens over night with a big win and it cant be erased with a bad loss.

1. Melbourne Storm (National Rugby League)
The best player recruitment in the game, a top class coaching outfit and a great front office. If the Melbourne Storm played in a Rugby League made city they would be nothing short of a juggernaught. As it stand, all the club is waiting for is a few more thousands fans to turn up to home games.

2. Brisbane Broncos (National Rugby League)
Getting back to the levels the saw them become the best club in the world at one point, the Broncos strategy to go back-to-the-future and bring some of their best young players into their first grade side has paid off.

3. Gold Coast Titans (National Rugby League)
They have yet to kick a ball in anger but with their incredible player recruitment programme, their top class administration, their dedication to getting fans involved, the world class facilities they are putting in place and their dedication to developing the game at every level in not only South East Queensland, but Northern New South Wales, the Gold Coast Titans are setting the standard for all other teams to follow.

4. Canturbury Bulldogs (National Rugby League)
Despite all of the problems the Bulldogs have with their off field drama’s, its hard to argue with their position as one of the top five clubs in the game. A brilliant junior development and tallent scouting system, a top class coaching staff and a real drive to win by the front office. Yes, the Bulldogs have their problems, but few teams boast the continued success the Bulldogs have had over the last number of years.

5. St Helens (European Super League)
With a lineup boasting some of the best players in the British game, a great following, a top class coaching staff and leading the Super League table, St Helens is not only the class of Super League, but without doubt one of the top five clubs in the world today.

All clubs are ranked by their overall strength in every aspect of their operations. While one club may be a success on the field, their lack of success off the field in a number of key areas maybe see them fail to make the ranking.

2 thoughts on “Top Five Rugby League Clubs – July 2006

  1. What would you consider the top 5 now League Freak? Obviously Gold Coast are no longer in the top 5 (I would say they’re in the bottom 5, but at the same time, I can think of 5 Super League teams that are in worse state….oh and the Roosters). Bulldogs have to still be in the 5, Broncos youth development to me means they keep their status in the top 5. Despite the Salary Cap rorting, the fact that Melbourne are still one of the teams to beat in the NRL means they have a claim for still being in the 5.

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