The Worst Super League Imports Of All Time – July 2013

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When a Super League clubs buys an import from Down Under, there is always a lot of optimism. After all, when you buy a star, you want them to perform like a star. Every so often though, for what ever reason, an import turns up and plays like utter shit! This list is dedicated to players that stand out for being terrible in Super League.

1. Mark Carroll
Turned up talking himself up and the players in Super League down. Spent his entire time in Super League getting bashed unmercifully. A famously terrible import.

2. Bradley Clyde
I can’t begin to explain how little Bradley Clyde has left in him when he joined the Leeds Rhinos. He was so finished before even turning up that by the time he ran out on the field, Leeds fans were horrified by what they saw.

3. Willie Mason
Turned up with great fanfare, played an incredible first game for Hull KR. After that, nothing. No interest what so ever from Mason. He left soon after to play Rugby Union.

4.Lance Hohaia
A handy player for the NZ Warriors, he has been so utterly terrible for St Helens that I actually almost feel bad for all the idiots that support that club.

5. Josh Perry
When you’re playing for a team that’s fan based worshiped Keiron Cunningham, and they collectively call you a “fat fuck”, that really says it all!

6. Matt Orford
Orford was so bad in his 12 games for Bradford that he should apologize right now for what he did to them.

7. Todd Byrne
When he turned out for Hull FC its is just luck that stopped fans tearing seats out and burning the stadium to the ground. He offered nothing that some bum off the street couldn’t do in a jersey!

8. Brett Seymour
A so-so player at best, Seymour was terrible at Hull FC. His time at the club ended in a suicide attempt.

9. Jerry Seuseu
At the top of his game when Wigan signed him about 18 months before he was available to play for them, by the time he got to Wigan he was so fucking done that they should have stuck him back on the plane and sent him straight back home!

10. Brett Mullins
Joining the Leeds Rhinos with a huge reputation, Mullins was absolutely terrible and played only 12 games for the club.

11. Doc Murray
I didn’t know about Doc Murray so I had to look him up. A Fringe first grader with the Auckland Warriors, he moved to Wigan and was so bad he simply couldn’t gain selection for them!

12. Bill Peden
A Premiership winner with the Newcastle Knights, when Peden turned up for the London Broncos they wondered how the fuck this dude ever played first grade football.

Comment: You can never really predict whether a player will turn up in Super League ready to play. Some of the players above ended up going back to the NRL and playing fairly well. it just comes down to the individual player in most cases.

If you have a player you think should be on this list, or you want to express your feelings on how any of these imports played for your team, simply use the comment box below and have your opinions immortalized on this page for all time!

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  1. Brett Plowman Widnes 1996.Disaster.Wasn’t even in good enough condition to play second tier football in UK.

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