The Five Most Hated Clubs In The Game – August 2006

They are the teams hated the world over for various reasons. Now they have been listed so you can hate them in order of appearance.

These are the clubs hated by the majority of League fans.

1. Brisbane Broncos – National Rugby League
Remember Super League? The constant whinging that everyone in NSW is out to get them? How about the fact that when the NRL formed they demanded a rule be put in place that no new club was allowed to be formed in South East Queensland to compete with them for a number of years. You could also throw in their arrogance and the feeling that they are owed something for no particular reason. The list goes on and on!!!

2. St Helens – Rugby Super League
Their fans are the most obnoxious of any fans in the UK, they have Sean Long in their side, they used to be coached by Ian Millward, they whinge non stop and are the most ungracious winners of any club in the game.

3. Wigan Warriors – Rugby Super League
For years they were the only fully professional club in the United Kingdom. They were the very best club team in the game until the mid 90’s. They had spent a decade buying the best players from other UK clubs and made no apologies for winning everything in sight. Its no hard to see why they are hated.

4. Sydney Roosters – National Rugby League
They buy players from other clubs, they whinge non stop, they have Phil Gould on TV every weekend trying to push rule changes that would ruin the game but help the Roosters, they have no Junior League, any junior players they have in their lower grade teams have been brought in from outside the area. They are a play thing for inner Sydney millionaires.

5. Canterbury Bulldogs – National Rugby League
The riots, the scandals…this has been a quiet year for the Bulldogs and their players are still making appearances in court! Then of course there was that year they were found to be over the salary ca…by $2,000,000!

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