The Biggest Whingers In Rugby League – July 2013

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There is a huge difference between confronting an issue the game has, and flat out whinging at every chance you get! This is a list of the biggest whingers in Rugby League. You’ll notice a common theme here…

1. Ricky Stuart
When ever Sticky loses a big game, he blames the referees. Every, single, time! It is at the point where Stuart pays out so much money in fines after bagging the referee’s that he should just go all out and sponsor them!

2. Geoff Toovey
Every time the Sea Eagles lose a game Geoff Toovey has a cry. Its like clockwork! He used to do it when he was a player, and now he does it as a coach. The funny part is that when he has a whinge you see him go into his own little world where reason just does not exist!

3. Jamie Lyon
He doesn’t leave the referee’s alone. A Sea Eagles player can decapitate an opposition player with a head high tackle and he will run in whinging that it was across the chest. I’ve even seen him run in to complain to the referee’s when Manly have been awarded a penalty!

4. Tony Smith
The Warrington Wolves coach loves a good whinge. Another that only loses games because of referee’s, he just doesn’t shut up once he starts up!

5. Mal Meninga
You’d think that winning 7 straight Origin series in a row would leave little room for Meninga to whinge about anything. He finds a way! Already this season it was player behaviour and NSW’s supposed cheating tactics!

6. Gorden Tallis
There is no way I could possibly leave him off this list after the way he has carried on about Paul Gallen over the last couple of months. You’d think Gallen ran over his dog with the way that hasn’t stopped bagging him!

7. Phil Gould
From the obstruction rule or that pesky second tier salary cap, Gould is always complaining about something.

8. Matt Adamson
While not too many people pay any attention to what he says these days, you can be sure that if Adamson is talking, he is whinging about something!

9. Brian McDermott
Considering he has won so many titles with the Leeds Rhinos, and he has no coaching ability what so ever, he complains all the time about so many different things. He also whinges about Australia all the time!

10. The Glorious League Freak
Well I’m always bloody complaining about something, aren’t I!

Did I miss anyone out? Feel free to have your say in the comments box below!


3 thoughts on “The Biggest Whingers In Rugby League – July 2013

  1. Craig sandercock – hull Kingston rovers coach, he has the “Ricky Stewart” syndrome of blaming refs for every defeat.

  2. Agree with Tony Smith, he once blamed the rain for losing to Salford, and as for his moan about Danny Brough choosing Scotland it was just complete rubbish, he said it shows poor attitude that he won’t play second fiddle to somebody else when the person he’s expected to play second fiddle to has done the exact same thing by choosing England over New Zealand. Sam Tomkins must come pretty close, in fact virtually every Wigan fan could be in their.

  3. I can’t believe you have Jamie in there and not Michael Ennis…Ennis whinges even more than Jamie (and that’s not me being biased cos I know Jamie whinges) LOL

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