Rugby League World Rankings – December 2013

Rugby League Rankings

The best thing about the Rugby League World Cup is that you can use the results to come up with a set of world rankings that are hard to argue with. There is no room for interpreting pure game results.

So, here are League Freaks Rugby League World Rankings based on results out of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup.

1. Australia
Unbeaten all year, have not allowed a try to be scored by the opposition in their last five games, their defensive record is outstanding and their attack looked almost unstoppable. Worthy World Champions.

2. New Zealand
A fantastic World Cup competition saw New Zealand unbeaten right up until the final. Clearly the second best team in the world and still capable of beating Australia on their day.

3. England
Patchy at times, they made it to the semi finals where they lost to New Zealand. Their win earlier in the tournament over Fiji gets them into third position.

4. Fiji
Had a great World Cup and back up the promise they showed in 2008. Lost to the eventual World Champions in the semi finals.

5. Samoa
Were part of some epic contests and showed they are not too far off being able to really trouble the likes of New Zealand and England.

6. Scotland
The most surprising team of the World Cup. They performed well beyond my expectations.

7. France
Did themselves proud, ignited passion in their fans and turned things around from the disastrous 2008 World Cup.

8. Papua New Guinea
A very disappointing World Cup for Papua New Guinea. It feels as though the rest of the world has improved and PNG has

9. Tonga
A very disappointing performance at the 2013 World Cup. They should have been aiming for a spot in the semi finals. A poor start to the competition meant they never got out of the group stage.

10. United States
With a lot of non U.S. citizens in their lineup, the Tomahawks played well during the World Cup, losing in the quarter finals against the eventual World Champions.

11. Italy
On pure results you have to rate Italy here. It is not really a reflection of the strength of Rugby League in Italy though.

12. Cook Islands
For its tiny population the Cook Islands really punch above their weight. Just being in the World Cup is an achievement for them.

13. Ireland
Did not have a very good tournament and relied entirely on very relaxed eligibility rules.

14. Wales
Tried hard but juts don’t have the talent.

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