League Freaks Top Ten Favorite Super League Players – June 2013

Rugby League Rankings

Everyone thinks that League Freak hates everything English and everything Super League. That is not true at all. He actually likes Super League!

Here is a list of the top ten Super League players that League Freak enjoys watching. See what you think and feel free to add your comments at the bottom of the page.

1. Sam Tomkins
Everyone’s hates him! How could I not enjoy watching a player that is almost as hated in England as I am! When the ball goes up its a lottery, you don’t have any idea if he will catch it, of and he carves up teams in Super League. Its just great to watch.

2. Joel Monaghan
When he scores a try, and he normally does when I watch a Warrington match, I get to make about a thousand jokes about this: Joel Monaghan Gets Fellatio From A Dog, Will Get Sacked

3. Greg Eden
Every so often Eden gets the ball and does something that makes you go “Wow!”. You can even sense it from the players on the field. They all know this young bloke just did something a little bit special.

4. Josh Charnley
Sure his haircut is bloody ridiculous and he looks a bit goofy, but you can see Charnley absolutely loves every single second he is out there playing Rugby League. He also throws himself into the game without any thought of self preservation!

5. Cory Paterson
He is having an unbelievable season for Hull KR. I saw him put on the best fend I have ever seen on a player earlier this season. He looks like a world beater right now. He can break the line and has a dangerous offload.

6. Rangi Chase
Chase dominates roughly 90% of the plays that the Castleford Tigers run. I haven’t got the stats in front of me, but I reckon he touches the ball on 25 separate occasions in every set of six the Tigers get. Its kinda crazy to see one player dominate play so much. Its like he is the 16 year old playing in an Under 12’s team.

7. Danny Brough
I like watching Brough completely dominate games only to see Steve MacNamara stubbornly refuse to acknowledge his existence!

8. Steve Menzies
The Beaver is a legend and he is still getting the job done for the Catalan Dragons!

9. Ben Westwood
He’s a no nonsense player who reminds me a bit of old school English forwards. He throws himself into the game and punishes the opposition every time.

10. Kevin Sinfield
Any time you can watch the supposed “best player in the world” and feel like you could do better, its awesome!


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