League Freaks Top Ten Agendas – November 2009

Look, I don’t even know why I need to add this to my Rugby League Rankings lists, but I’ll do it anyway. I think its all a load of crap personally, I don’t have agendas, I’m a completly unbiased, level headed individual!

1. Hate Everything English
League Freak is a pretty open minded kind of bloke, that is unless something is English or was thought up by an Englishman. Then he thinks its rubbish! He bags Super League players, clubs and officials. He hates the English Test side and then he pretends his criticism is just some way to guide the country to success!

2. More Expansion Than Viagra
League Freak has one sure fire way to make sure Rugby League overtakes Soccer as the most popular game in the world. Just expand the shit out of the sport. If you asked League Freak where we should expand to next, he would narrow it down to Perth, Adelaide, Rockhampton, Wellington, Christchurch, Port Moresby, Paris, Toulouse, Edinborough and Dubai.

3. Putting Rubbish On The World Club Challenge
Because League Freak feels the current World Club Challenge format is so ridiculous, you will not hear him say a single positive thing about the contest. Even when Australian teams win, he uses it as an excuse why they should not have taken part in the competition and blames the lack of back to back champions in the NRL this past decade on the playing of this one game.

4. Making Sure The North Sydney Bears Stay Dead
Mention anything about the Central Coast Bears and you can expect League Freak to go on a rant. He will have a go at the Central Coast itself, then launch into the North Sydney Bears and the people trying to get the Bears into the NRL playing out of Gosford.

5. Hating The St George/Illawarra Dragons
Throughout the 2008 season League Freak called them the St George/Illawarra Tampons…for an entire year! He eased up in 2009 when Wayne Bennett arrived however he spent all season saying the club would choke. Sure, they did choke, and didn’t League Freak let everyone know about it!

6. Disolve The Sydney Roosters
League Freak seems to think that a team with over 100 years of history as a stand alone club should be wound up. He points to their crowd figures and lack of a junior Rugby League base, but his pure hatred of the club is there for all to see.

7. Getting Matthew Elliott Sacked
An Australian coach heads over to England, is successful and then heads back to Australia. If anyone though League Freak was rabid in his criticisms of Matthew Elliott when he was at Canberra they were in for a huge shock, and some happiness too, when Elliott signed a massive three year contract to coach the Penrith Panthers. The best part was that in his final season of that contract, with the Panthers not having made the playoffs again, they game him another three year deal. Priceless!

8. Hating Rugby Union
Now this is one most of us love League Freak for. Not only does he have the ability to step into a fully fledged bullshit fight with any Rugby Union fans thats is having a go at our great game, but he backs it up with some surprising facts you wouldn’t expect. In short, when he is ranting about Rugby Union, he really brings it!

9. Turning Wrongs Into Rights
Remember when Australia lost the 2008 World Cup Final? Well league Freak, who predicted an easy Australian win turned right around and said it was good for the game and, if you remember correctly, he predicted New Zealand would win the World Cup three years ealier! In fact any prediction he makes and that does not turn out gets written off as a good thing for the game anyway, or even teams just not playing as good as they should have!

10. League Freak Is The Best Thing Ever
Ask League Freak how good he is and he will tell you its not his job to convince you of that, but he sure as hell will provide you with the evidence! He was bad enough but then he got this web site going and his ego ran out of control. At the end of the day League Freaks favorite subject is League Freak.

There are about 577,642 other League Freak agendas not listed here. Maybe you can add to the list though? Simply join the web site and then add your comment in the comments section below.

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