Issues That Makes Fans Blood Boil – November 2009

This piss us off and get us going off and rants that seem to last forever. Then again, maybe thats just what I do.

What ever the case, these are the top five issues sure to get a response out of any Rugby League fan.

1. Sport XYZ Is Trying To Kill Off Rugby League
Its the easy way to get Rugby League fans, players and officials worked up. Take another sprt, suggest they are looking to muscle in on Rugby League and crush the sport, and watch the feirce debate fuel itself for weeks on end.

2. Team ABC Avoids Relegation Thanks To The RFL
This is obviously a Super League thing but it runs deep. Some fans think the RFL is out to get their team by saving an opposition side. Others think it all just shows that the games administrators are corrupt. Then you have the clubs in the lower divisions that think this is the RFL out to stop them being promoted. Few issues have the fire this one has.

3. International Refereeing Appointments
This one is run along party lines most of the time. The consensus is that, Australia and New Zealand just want a ref that is used to their style of game, England wants and English referee or someone so terrible that it might play into their hands, and meanwhile no one else seems to mind who referee’s their games, as long as they get the job done. The fact that the most petty people in this argument are the officials themselves makes this a huge issue for fans.

4. The Video Referee
It was brought in to make sure mistakes were not made, so when the Video Referee makes a bad decisions fans go off their heads. Couple that with the way everything stops as decisions are made, and the batshit crazy was that Super League video referee’s seem to come up with the most randomly wrong decisions, and its like a powder keg for Rugby League fans.

5. Player ABC Is Going To Switch To XYZ
While it has lost its impact these days, its still the easiest job for a lazy journalists looking for a good headline grabbing story. Go to a player agent and ask if one of his star players is happy getting a reasonable salary with his current club, or is he chasing a mega money deal with another sprt that is sure to drive up his price. Guess what the player agent says every single time?

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