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 Rugby League and Social Media go hand in hand these days. I like social media as it is a way to send my web site content easily to a large number of people. That is the purpose of this page.

Below are the Rugby League Facebook pages that are all part of the greater social media network:

The Glorious League Freaks Facebook Page The official Facebook page for covers the NRL, Super League, State Of Origin, International Rugby League…the whole lot! Go there and press the “Like” button!

ZeroTackle on Facebook They host on their servers and they are on top of breaking news in the NRL. Give them a “Like”!

TechHelper on Facebook A long time sponsor of, TechHelper is based in Sydney and can help you with any of your PC, Mac or general Tech issues. Give them a “Like” and contact them for all your tech needs!

Gimko on Facebook Gimko is a card trading market place that gives you 4% FVF fees and 5c listings. If you use the code “LFRK” you get a $5 listing credit! So if you like footy cards go to their Facebook page and give them a “Like”!

NRL Gossip Facebook Page A massive Facebook page covering gossip, rumours and breaking news around the NRL. I contribute content to NRL Gossip, so give them a “Like”.

NRL Infinite Covering everything that happens in the NRL including players signings, rumours and general Rugby League news, “Like” them now!

NRL Ratings Looking at the NRL from a statistical point of view. They break down games every round. Take a look and “Like” them now!

NZ Warriors Fans The Facebook page of my favorite New Zealand Rugby League forum. If you are a Warriors fan you have to “Like” this page!

If you would like your Rugby League Facebook Page to be posted here simply “Like” the League Freak Facebook page, share the site link and then contact me BY CLICKING HERE with your Facebook pages details.

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