Other Rugby League Forums And Ratings

The League Freak likes to keep busy and he spends a good part of his day staying in touch with all of his fans on the various Rugby League forums.

Here is a list of the better Rugby League forums that Freak enjoys. Not just any forum can get on this list, you cant request to have a forum put here….its completely up to League Freaks discretion.

The League Freaks Web Forum
League Freaks Open Slather
The National Rugby League Forum
The European Super League Forum
The United States League Forum
The International Rugby League Forum
The Kick And Clap Forum
The League Freaks promised land. No one gets banned, every opinion is welcomed and hey, League Freak is in charge and Dutoni is a moderator. Can you imagine that? No? Then go take a look.
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Panther Pride Forum
Main Panthers Forum
General Rugby League Forum
Supporter Group Forums
The number one destination for Penrith Panthers fans. Jump into the discussion without having to worry that some idiot at the club will delete your posts or ban you.
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The Virtual Terrace
The International Forum
The National Rugby League Forum
The Sin Bin
With claims that it is the biggest Rugby League forum on the net, you know it has to be pretty good to back it well. Well RLFan’s is that good. Tonnes of club forums, the famous Virtual Terrance, an NRL and International forums….RLFans has got it all.
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The Kennel – Canterbury Bulldogs Forum
Bulldogs Discussion Forum
General Rugby League Forum
The Lounge
The best Bulldogs forum going around and a great Rugby League forum in general. You get a lot of good discussion on this forum and the moderators just sit back and let it all happen. If you are looking for some good Rugby League debate, you won’t find better than The Kennel.
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NZ Warriors Fans – New Zealand Warriors Forum
General Warriors Discussion
National Rugby League Forum
General Forum
A very active New Zealand Warriors forum that has some really good in depth discussion. They cover all aspects of the game in New Zealand and its a place that isn’t afraid to question the direction the club is heading in either. It is the place to go for Warriors fans!
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Blue ‘N” White Canterbury Bulldogs Forums
Bulldogs Central Forum
Blue ‘N’ White E-Zine
NRL Discussion Forum
Blue ‘N’ White is a growing Canterbury Bulldogs supporter forum doing a lot of great things online. Their Blue ‘N’ White E Zine is a great publication that you should go and take a look at!
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Sharks Forever Forums
General Sharks and NRL Discussion
Toyota Cup, NSW Cup and Juniors
Other Sports
Sharks Forever is probably the most active Cronulla Sharks web site. A lot of members and a lot of good discussion. Will they ever get a Premiership to talk about I wonder?.
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The Green House – Canberra Raiders Forum
Canberra Raiders Forum
General Rugby League Forum
The Lime Lounge
Without doubt the best Canberra Raiders forum on the internet. You get some great discussion here about the Canberra Raiders and Rugby League in general. Posters there are well informed about all grades and players at the club. Its a very good forum that I’m a regular contributer to despite not being a Raiders fan.
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RLeague Grandstand Forums
International Rugby League Forum
National Rugby League Forum
British Rugby League Forum
New Zealand Rugby League Forum
One of the more established Rugby League web sites on the internet, RLeague can get quiet at times but you can get some good League discussion on there.
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Two Pints Of Lager And A Three Eyed Fish
I tell you what, if you want to see some losers, this is the place to go. Wides fans….deadset, its like talking to Salford fans except Widnes fans don’t sniff petrol.
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Injury Update Forum
NRL Injuries Forum
A great place to get the very latest in player injury news from the NRL.
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