The Headgear Rugby League Team

Rugby League Fantasy Teams

Brains are important. If we didn’t have brains we’d all be like Anthony Mundine. So here is a team of players who all wanted to protect their brains as much as possible.

1. Tim Brasher
Wore headgear for a number of seasons.

2. Daryl Halligan
Wore a headgear for most of his career, the image of Halligan ditching the headgear to take a kick for goal is one everyone remembers.

3. Dave Brown
After losing his hair because of illness, Brown wore a headgear as he set many records as one of the best players of all time.

4. Steve Renouf
So well known for his headgear, most people wouldn’t recognize Renouf if he took his headgear off!

5. Matt Sing
Was a well known headgear wearer while with the Penrith Panthers early in his career,

6. Preston Campbell
The first to wear a multi coloured headgear with the Cronulla Sharks.

7. Jonathon Thurston
Another of the coloured headgear wearers.

8. Mark Carroll
League Freak has a footy card from 1987 in which Carroll is wearing a headgear. That’s good enough.

9. Reed Mahoney
The Canterbury Bulldogs hooker gets into a lot of niggle with opposition teams!

10. Solomon Haumono
One of the few props to throw on the headgear in anger.

11. Mark Hohn
Another Brisbane Broncos headgear wearer.

12. Terry Matterson
A long time headgear wearer.

13. Steve Menzies
The Beaver has worn a headgear through his entire career.

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