Tallest Rugby League Team

Rugby League Fantasy Teams

They are a big bunch this lot. Some of the tallest players to ever play in their respective positions. They are all giants!

1. Paul Hauff (197cms)
Hauff was a rangy fullback for the Brisbane Broncos in the early 1990’s before heading over to England to play for the Londons version.

2. Luke Rooney (192cms)
A tall, lean winger who broke into first Grade with Penrith and went on to play for NSW and Australia.

3. Jamal Idris (199cms)
One of the biggest humans you will ever see. He should move into the forwards though.

4. Gavin Cooper (197cms)
A bit of a utility player but he has played a number of games in the centers.

5. Paul Mellor (190cms)
One of the biggest wingers the game has ever seen.

6. Feleti Mateo (195 cms)
He’s a bit of an enigma but Mateo, which more of a back rower these days, has played a lot of games in the halves.

7. Andrew Johns (179 cms)
One of the greatest player in the history of the game, Johns was also very big for a halfback.

8. Dane Tilse (200cms)
The Canberra Raiders prop is more than tall enough to be a basketball player.

9. Cameron Smith (184cms)
The Storm hooker, Dally M winner and representative player is one of the tallest hookers in the game.

10.Matt Parsons (201cms)
A fan favorite with South Sydney and Newcastle, Parsons stood above everyone on the field.

11. Daine Laurie (200cm)
Spends most of his time in reserve grade but he still is a tall dude.

12. Wayne McDonald (201cm)
The Leeds giant is one of the tallest players to ever play the game.

13. Trent Waterhouse (194cms)
A premiership winner and representative giant for the Penrith Panthers.

5 thoughts on “Tallest Rugby League Team

  1. Surely Tyran Smith and Paul Hauff should get a run and are better players than some of the niff-nuffs you’ve named here freaky. Shaun Johnson would be taller than Johns and Mateo has some height for 5/8 too.

  2. Finally a reason to get rid of Matthew Adamson at fullback! Hauff will now be added. Tyran Smith was 196cms, I could probably put him at lock but he was very much a second rower.

    Shaun Johnson is the same height as Andrew Johns and Mateo is 194cms which is taller than Fittler, but he’s surely more of a back rower too?

    I guess its all subjective though, so I’ll throw Hauff and Mateo in there. See, this is an interactive site now!

  3. Put in Greg Inglis (195cm) for Luke Rooney, Daniel Tupou (195cm) for Paul Mellor, Trent Barrett (183cm) for Joey Johns, and Andrew McCullough (186cm) for Cam Smith. Trent Barrett was mostly a 5/8 but did however play a numbers of games at halfback, including a couple of origins if I remember correctly.

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