Loony Tunes Team

Rugby League Fantasy Teams

I love the Looney Tunes, and they had a promotion with the ARL well over a decade ago where they put out their own Rugby League team. Now its time for the updated version!

1. Speedy Gonzales
Super fast at the back, he also has a great sidestep. Think Matty Bowen wearing a sombrero!

2. Pepé Le Pew
Not only is he fast, but honestly, who wants to tackle him?

3. Tazmanian Devil
Give him the ball and watch him tear his way through the opposition.

4. Wile E. Coyote
Craft as hell, he doesn’t quite get on with his winger, and things sometimes go wrong, but he does his best.

5. Road Runner
Beep, beep….its try time!

6. Daffy Duck
He is crafty and isn’t afrain to try a few things with the ball in his hands.

7. Bugs Bunny (C)
The captain, the leader and the brains of the whole opperation. Bug Bunny is everything you want in a quicky thinking, cheeky halfback.

8. Sam Sheepdog
The no nonsense prop. He just bashes the opposition.

9. Porky Pig
Don’t you dare talk about his weight issues. If its good enough for Keiron Cunningham…..

10. Hector the Bulldog
As big as a house, he doesn’t take kindly to bullies.

11. Foghorn Leghorn
A country footballer who is very crafty. He’ll dupe the opposition into letting him score a try!

12. Marvin The Martian
A thinking mans footballer, he will either win the game or destroy the universe with his Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

13. Sylvester
Sufferin’ succotash! He’ll work hard all day to get the job done!

Coach: Elmer Fudd
He is a bit slow witted, but hey, if Matthew Elliott can be a coach, why cant Emler?

Trainer: Yosemite Sam
he has the Ronnie palmer tash happening!

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