League Freaks 2010 Super League Season Preview

Well the Super League season has just kicked off and I supposed I really should make a few predictions and we’ll see how I’ve done at seasons end.

I find Super League season previews very boring, simply because we all know right now who is likely to win the bloody thing!

I throw in my Challenge Cup, Man Of Steel and Biggest Story Of The Year predictions just to add a little somfant to the mix.

Still I’m here to do this because no where else does season previews, right?

Now lets look at where all the teams stand and predict a few awards!

Regular Season

Leeds Rhinos
You know summer is here when Leeds players allow the sun to shine out of their arses.

Thats right, the man with the sloped forehead is back for another “challenging” season.

I really don’t know what to say about Leeds, same old same old I guess. They will make the final of the Challenge Cup and they will make the Grand Final. They should probably win both. Prediction: 1st

St Helens
People talk about St Helens being in a rebuilding phase….what a load of rubbish. Lets face it, Saints could run their academy side out and probably finish in the top four.

I’m kinda hoping for St Helens sake, and the sake of English Rugby League in general Kyle Eastmond really has a good season and is allowed to settle into what every position suits him best (I think standoff but it will probably be Halfback).

They will have a good season. Prediction: 2nd

Warrington Wolves
Having signed every man and his dog and with accountants with more fiddling ability than an RBS insider, Warrington is primed for a big season….just like every other season.

I think they will go ok, probably end up being the third best team this year behind Saints and the Whinoes. That is a worry because someone will have to break it to club owner Simon Moran that the people around him are so terrible that he needs to buy the rest of the clubs in SL to actually win something. Prediction: 3rd

Catalan Dragons
I think the men from cheese land are going to have a pretty decent season. I have a feeling the Four Nations will have done wonders for their French players, and they have bought well as far as imports go too.

They won’t set the world on fire by any means, but they will make the finals and I think they could be a real pain in the backside for the top sides. Prediction: 4th

Huddersfield Giants
Nothing pulls a team together like getting some chick in a hotel room and pulling….wait…..forget I said that.

Nathan Brown is gonna have to juggle things for a while but I’m sure he’ll manage. It will be interesting to see if they are able to improve on last year. I can see them sneaking into the finals. Prediction: 5th

Bradford Bulls
He was best known for being a choker in the NRL but I have a feeling Matt Orford is going to be perfect in Super League. Less pressure, less expectation, he might go missing when it matters most but he will still be the key man for Bradford in the games they win.

I’m tipping them to make the finals, but I don’t think much of their lineup. Its mostly on the back of the different Orford should make. Prediction: 6th

Normally I’d say that they are going to struggle, just based on their lineup, but a new Aussie coach is a good sign for the club.

I don’t know anything about him but he has ticked all the right boxes. An unknown assistant coached from a top NRL coaching staff. He has come in and thrashed them during the pre-season, its all good right there.

I think for me Wigan will surprise just based on the different McGuire makes, however I still see them as a fringe finals team. Prediction: 7th

Hull KR
Hull’s B team, or as they are known around Hull “The red and white embarrassment”, have had bragging rights for a while over the A side over in the west. I think they will once again go better than Hull FC, but that might not matter a damn considering they now have less money than than a brothel close to Tigers Woods’ house. Prediction: 8th

Hull FC
If there is one way to revitalize a team its to buy a 33 year old halfback with a droopy eye, an Australia prop forward who was so bad his last placed team just asked him to go away mid season and not come back, and an old second rower with more mileage in his legs than a donkey at Blackpool!

Throw in a hopeless coach and hey, its all looking good. If they can finish mid table, they are doing well. Prediction: 9th

Wakefield Wildcats
I always find the best way to start a year is to put out a press release saying “Its ok, we are not shutting up shop!”.

Wakey won’t do anything at all this year besides put out about 30 press releases saying they will be moving into a new stadium soon, once its build…and they find someone to pay for it. Prediction: 10th

Harlequins RL
Some years I think the Quins are going to go well and surprise a few people. This is not one of those years I’m afraid.

With a totally hopeless coach and a lineup that didn’t really add anyone they badly needed to during the off season, I think we will see them have an average year in 2010. Its not good… Prediction: 11th

Salford City Reds
Now playing out of their brand new stadium they have every…..hold on….

Salford really have been put in their place recently by everyone, and worst of all, they are still coached by a bloke that knows less about the game than Dwayne Chambers. Still, at least they now have a massive loan to pay back to Salford City Council!

Another crap year? As if I needed to make a prediction on that! Prediction: 12th

Castleford Tigers
Imagine being Wakefields poor cousin. Actually, in Wakefield I think you marry your poor cousin!

When the most eventful thing to happen to your club in the last 6 months is that your coach lost a finger, you know its going to be a long, drawn out, painful season. Prediction: 13th

North Wales Wrexham Crusaders
At this stage I could probably play for the Crusaders. They had to rebuild from scratch and its a minor miracle they have been able to field a team at all. They will bring in more Australian reserve graders but last place belongs to them. Prediction: 14th

The Wrap
Grand Final Winner: Leeds
Is it really any great surprise? This is a two horse race this year.

Challenge Cup Winner: St Helens
They are pretty good at stealing one over their bigger rival at the time.

Man Of Steel: Matt Orford
Another Aussie wins it, it will be between him and Hodgson.

Biggest Story Of The Year: Player Goes To Jail
I have no one in mind but I just get the feeling that someones gonna do something so stupid that they finally end up in jail.

So how did I do? We’ll find out in October I guess!

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