Hull FC Proudly Stand By A Player Convicted Of Assaulting Two Women

Hull FC owner Adam Pearson has said he and the clubs he owns will stand by winger Jason Crookes after the winger was convicted of slapping one woman and punching another in the face.

Pearson said “We feel the player has been harshly dealt with and we stand by him.”

Every single woman that supports Hull FC should remember that quote.

As the owner of the club, Adam Pearson can do what ever he wants. He is the person that sets the standards of his club. There is no room here to defelet the decision that has been made. It all lies on Pearson, who could have easily stood up against violence against women and sacked Jason Crookes.

Instead the club has chosen to support Crookes. What type of message does that send to other players? What message does that send other men within the community?

I know a lot of women that support Hull FC. They love the club. They go to games, they buy the jerseys. The club disregards these women with the stance it has taken. This incident could have very easily happened to any one of Hull FC’s female supporters. Now if it does happen again in the future, if a Hull FC player punches a woman in the face, the standard has been set.

As a Hull FC fan I am disgusted!

The club should have sacked this bastard as soon as he stepped out of the court room. They should have shown that there is zero tolerance for violence against women. Instead they went the other way. If you can score a few tries, go for it. Go out, cause trouble, bash a few women and you can wear the Hull FC jersey with pride. We will stand by you…..fucking disgusting!

Adam Pearson should be ashamed of himself. This is all on him. He could still sack this creep and instead he will support him just to try and win some football games.

Forget about the Rugby Football League by the way. They won’t do anything. Forget community standards. The game short sighted administrators don’t see how there is any money to be made b suspending or de-registering a player convicted of assaulting a women…so why do anything about it.

This is the problem with the whole “women in league” message. When push really does come to shove, people that run Rugby League don’t care about women at all.

Women are a problem. Their court action against a player is seen as a distraction. Hopefully they lose. It’s not about the players guilt or innocence. It’s not about his character. It’s not about the fact that e represents the clubs and the game every time he runs out on the field. There are games to be won here. So ladies, go and ice your face and keep your mouth shut. Your worth to this game is so insignificant that when it’s PROVEN you have been assaulted, Rugby League clubs will shamelessly come out and say they are fine with that!

I have no doubt I will be attacked for my stance. I have no doubt other Hull FC fans will be pissed off at me. I’ll get Rugby League fans who say I’m over reacting and that I should keep my mouth shut.

Every single one of those people can get fucked!

I respect women. I want to e women values by the game and every single club. Women support this game in so many different ways every single day. They love this game as much as anyway. There should be no play in the supposed “family game” for players that bash women.

I have zero tolerance for violence against women. That is more than Hull FC and Rugby League in general can say….

Link: Hull FC star guilty of assaulting women after ‘photobomb’ row

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