Huddersfield Giants Management Has A Small Penis

Let me tell you something from your Glorious King Of All That Is Good. People that make huge boasts and then don’t back it up, they have a small penis.


Anyway, news that Huddersfield was going to make “The biggest announcement in the modern day history of the club” was met with rolled eyes during the week. Everyone knew that this announcement was going to be over blown and stupid.

Darren Lockyer was forced to say he wasn’t going to leave Brisbane for Huddersfield and Rubin Wiki’s name was also tossed up.

Then, the big announcement came…..

You can get cheap season tickets for Huddersfield next season.


Let me tell you, if cut price tickets are the biggest thing thats happened in your clubs modern day history, then you club is shit.

This was yet another ego driven, back slapping exercise from a Super League club, something that every fan in the game is sick of!

Sculthorpe Gone!
Its a bit hard to put an animal down when its been dead for three years, but thats what St Helens did this week when they told Paul Sculthorpe that he wouldn’t be the highest paid Rugby League attendee in the history of the game.

Sculthorpe simply doesn’t play the game these days, and even the most hard core St Helens fans that think Keiron Cunningham is svelte are happy to see Sculthorpe on his way.

You have to feel sorry for him though, as he is being sounded out as heading to the open jail in Salford or even that shit hole called Wakefield.

He should find a union team to play for or retire, because playing for either of those clubs is not worth it.

Gidley Sticks Around
In other St Helens news, Matthew Gidley signed a one year extension this week.

Why am I mentioning this?

Well the supposed quote from Matthew Gidley in the press release when some serious self sucking by the St Helens management:

“It is great to know that I will be a part of a forward-thinking club and a great set of teammates for another year,” said Gidley. “I look forward to hunting more silverware in this and next season.”

Seriously, who talks like that?

They don’t even try these days. You’d love to be there when the media manager was getting these quotes he has come up with being types up…..

“Ok, we have signed Matthew Gidley. So say he is happy to re-sign with the club. No, wait…..with this, super dooper, amazing club, this club that has a bigger penis than any other club in the world!”


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