Rugby League Trolls – Their Sole Purpose Is To Make Your Life A Living Hell!

They are everywhere!

You’ve seen them. They are hard to spot though. They like to blend in and they try not to be seen.

They have a dabble here and there….you’re not sure what to make of them. Then one day in the middle of a vicious battle you realize….you are the victim of a Rugby League Forum Troll!

I know who they are….I’m onto them.

So here is the official list……beware!

Name: Dutoni
Habitat: RLFans, League Freaks Forum
Known For: Being Rugby Union Apologist
Summary: While there are occasions when Dutoni comes up with a good point or two, many RLFans users just find that Dutoni gets on their tits. He related every Rugby League occurrence back to the old code and every so often tosses up some obscure reason why Rugby Union is better then Rugby League.
Conclusion: A Union fan on a League site that talks mainly about Rugby Union…..TROLL!

Name: elidecelis
Habitat: League Unlimited
Known For: Being Rugby Union Fanboy
Summary: Relentless degrading of Rugby League, elidecelis searches high and low for any articles, quotes or crowd figers to try and run down the greatest game of all. Known for calling Rugby League “Rugby Lite”, its a hard time for him at the moment as Rugby League is booming.
Conclusion:Simply a TROLL!

Name: ozboy
Habitat: RLFans, League Unlimited
Known For: Being a biased Australian fan.
Summary: Walking the well worn path that was pioneered by League Freak, ozboy can turn any situation into a reason to bag Super league, the Great Britain Rugby League team, or the UK in general. While he can get a little long winded, he has certainly made his mark.
Conclusion: A no brainer. TROLL!

Name: Simac
Habitat: MIA
Known For: Being a general ar$ehole.
Summary: A classic troll that has no friends and who argues with everyone on any subject. Simac is one of the grand daddies of the Rugby League Trolls. His recent disappearance however has seen his legacy hurt quite a bit.
Conclusion: Simac is the definition of a TROLL!

Name: The Deity
Habitat: RLFans
Known For: Hating the world he says he created.
Summary: Many suggest that this is in fact Simac. I’m not quite sure, but there is certainly that same abrasive attitude there.
Conclusion: Not yet a Troll….but getting close.

Name: FJ
Habitat: RLFans
Know For: Putting the wind up people.
Summary: Ive had a few complaints but quite frankly I’m not convinced.
Conclusion: Not a Troll, not even close.

Name: Johnsenior
Habitat: RLFans
Known For: Not understanding momentum, being slow….I mean…REALLY slow.
Summary: I pity this fool, he just doesn’t get many simple concepts.
Conclusion: Not a Troll, just a dope.

Name: Melon
Habitat: League Unlimited
Known For: Stirring up Bulldogs fans at every opportunity possible.
Summary: Look, we all like to give grief to some group of opposition supporters, and for Melon, its the Bulldogs fans. But deadset, outside of that he doesn’t get under the skin of anyone else and therefore this one is an easy call.
Conclusion: Not a Troll.

Name: Clive Woody
Habitat: TRL, RLFans, League Freak Forum
Known For: Stirring up British Rugby League fans with comparisons between League and Union while having a good sense of humor.
Summary: While Sir Clive started out as a Troll, he quickly showed that he was a Rugby League tragic. While some would suggest he was turned from the dark side by League fans, the fact is few people seem to enjoy Rugby League as much as Woody. Even fewer still know how to get up a British League fans nose.
Conclusion: Not a Troll…probably the closest thing to the League Freak as you’ll find. A scary thought!

Name: Johnny Wilkinson
Habitat: League Unlimited
Known For: Bagging Rugby League at every opportunity.
Summary: Always looking to stick the boot into the greatest game of all, JW posts bad news about League and is quick to talk about union, AFL, soccer….anything thats no Rugby League.
Conclusion: A classic TROLL!

Name: Bronze Member On Tour
Habitat: RLFans
Known For: Being a complete pain in the ar$e.
Summary: This person wants to be a moderator on one of the little used forums at RLFans. They become a big pain in the ar$e, got banned, then threatened legal action!
Conclusion: Not a Troll….just a bloody idiot.

Name: Colin Sullivan
Known For: Putting the wind up idiots that follow the wrong code.
Summary: A Leaguie on a union board spreading knowledge of the greatest game of all to the ignorant, self absorbed pricks that follow the game played in Private Schools.
Conclusion: To union fans, he is a Troll. To the rest of the human population, he is the only one on talking any sense. Not A Troll.

Name: Brutus
Habitat: RLFans
Known For: Trying to defend the British game by bagging the NRL.
Summary: Nothing constructive or insightful, Brutus is one of these people that adds nothing at all to a conversation.
Conclusion: Boring, repetitive….no one likes him at all….a TROLL!

Name: t’roogbyfan
Habitat: RLFans
Known For: Talking about international Rugby Union when ever possible.
Summary: A really bad troll. There is nothing funny about what he says, there isn’t much to his posts…its just really dumb, very poor trolling.
Conclusion: A TROLL, but the type thats an embarrassment to real Trolls.

Name: RL4
Habitat: RLFans
Known For: Constant, non stop whinging.
Summary: They constantly whinge about other people opinions and yet they never put forward an opinion of their own. Thats what RL4 does. It can be a team forum, the Virtual Terrace….it doesn’t matter. He’ll come in, whinge about something you’ve said, and thats pretty much it.
Conclusion: Not a Troll, just a whinger.

Name: Ozhawk66
Habitat: League Unlimited, a bodybuilding forum, SIDHE forums and Bigsoccer among others.
Known for: Pointless “debates”
Summary: Blind devotion to the NFL. Is in love with Randy Moss and Julius Peppers and will react violently if anything should be said against these two players or the NFL. Is often proven wrong.
Conclusion: A classic TROLL.

Name: Langpark
Habitat: RLFans.
Known for: The Aussie point of view and stirring up Salford fans.
Summary: There are two sides to Langpark. First, there is the Aussie Rugby League fan thats just gives his honest opinion of the games issues. Then there is the guy that goes on the Salford message boards and tears into Salford non stop until Salford fans.
Conclusion: On the verge, but not quite a troll. Now Salford fans were higher up the social ladder as say cockroaches are, he might have made it. But they’re not and he isn’t.

Name: Big_Bad_Shark_Fan
Habitat: League Unlimited
Known for: Pushing Luke Covell’s cause at ever chance possible.
Summary: A big Luke Covell fan. Not…you don’t get it, this person lives and breathes Luke Covell. When it times to pick the New Zealand side, when its time to name the best players in the game, when its time to talk about the best players of all time….here he is pushing Luke Covells case.
Conclusion: No way! He has a point really, Covell is that damn good!

Name: Poms4Kangaroos44
Habitat: RLFans
Known for: Bagging Poms
Summary: Always ready to jump in and bash the Poms after a loss by the Great Britain side, Poms4Kangaroos44 is a reality check when British fans start blaming the ARL for their crushing losses.
Conclusion: A TROLL, but only to British fans.

Name: Wolfwire aka Keith the beef
Habitat: RLFans
Known for: Snapping his leg in half in a drunken Haka Perpignan 2007
Summary: Beef is found almost everywhere trolling the net, yet dissapears
faster than Lord Lucan following a Warrington defeat.
Conclusion: A TROLL for sure, but the apprentice rather than the master.

Name: BulldogBloke
Habitat: Twitter
Known for: Making Willie Mason spiral into a public breakdown
Summary: A true bastard, BulldogBlokes trolling efforts made news in 2010 when he got Willie Mason to bite. Mason ended up saying someone had stolen his mobile phone, and then he found it again.
Conclusion: A TROLL of the highest order.


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