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I love sitting down to watch a good movie. Especially an action movie. After watching some very good movies followed by a really terrible one, I decided it was time to dedicate a section of my web site to rating movies I have watched.

Now, these are what I rate movies. The overall ratings comes from a combination of things. I will details those things at the bottom of the page. For now, take a look at my movie ratings!

The Avengers

Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Thor, a war against an alien army….why are you still reading this and not watching this movie! IMDb


Arnie, Apollo Creed, Jessie Vantura…this is just about the perfect movie. A bunch of badarses go into the jungle and face off in a death match with an Alien that is a trophy hunter. IMDb

The Dark Knight

Easily the best Batman movie ever made with Two Face and of course The Joker making show stopping appearances. IMDb

Fight Club

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise. If you ever wonder if these is more to life than just being a mindless cog in the great wheel that is society, this movie is for you. IMDb

Iron Man 2

Iron Man was a great movie, but Iron Man 2 took it to a whole new level. IMDb

Fast And The Furious 5

I think this is one of the best “old fashioned” action movies made in the last decade. Its more of a heist movie than the previous Fast and Furious movies. It really is a top flick though! IMDb

Iron Man

Technology finally allowed this movie to be made, and its a bloody good one. If you didn’t know about the Iron Man character this movie wraps it up perfectly! IMDb


In my opinion the best of the Alien movies. That it starts off with the horror of decades worth of deep sleep, then we get to the Space Marines, the realisation everyone probably going to die and “game over man, game over!”. IMDb

Terminator 2

This is the standard that all blockbuster, big budget movies get compared to for me. It is a great movie that still stands up really well today. IMDb

Total Recall

A sci-fi classic and another gem from Arnie. A trip to Mars, mutants,  a three titted chick, Sharon Stone at her absolute best. A global catastrophe and a love story with a Martian hooker. IMDb


The story of Henry Hill and his rise through the ranks of the mob. A must see, its a classic! IMDb


Based on a true story, the Spartans make a stand to hold off the hordes of Persia. A great movie! IMDb


The original hasn’t ages all that well as far as the portrayal of technology goes, but for pure monster horror, its fantastic. IMDb


A great movie. Its a bit long but still a great movie that you have to see once. I won’t like, the warmonger in me at times kept thinking how much we need that “Unobtainium”. IMDb


It has dated a little but the beauty of Robocop is if they remade it today they would take all the gore and really graphic stuff out of it. The other thing is, they made some pretty good guesses about the future in this movie. Its a true classic! IMDb

The Terminator

A machine sent back in time to kill a future leader before he is even born. While it hasn’t aged all that well it is a classic. IMDb

The Running Man

A futuristic game show that puts criminals against professional hunters. Arnie kicks arse in this movie! IMDb

The Social Network

I really enjoyed this one simply because it stuck a chord with me over my own web site and the things you face trying to build a site. Now, where is my billion dollars? IMDb

The Fast And The Furious

The original and some say still the best. An undercover FBI agent tries to infiltrate the street racing scene to stop highway robbery of big rigs. If you like cars, this is almost porn. IMDb


The original Batman movie. It was great when it came out and the Batmobile looked really cool. IMDb

Batman Begins

The Batman reboot is easily the best of the Batman origin stories you will see. At times it drags on a little but it makes up for it with some kick arse action. IMDb


Think of the movie Taken. Now swap Liam Neeson with Arnie who is a murder machine. At one point this movie held the record for the most deaths on screen. IMDb


A classic that you must see at least once. Not huge amounts of rewatchability which does hurt it but some of the best scenes ion movie history will keep you locked in. IMDb


A futuristic action/crime story that was ironically probably just a few years ahead of its time. It throws up some interesting questions about technology. IMDb

The Hangover

A bunch of friend go to Vegas to get fucked up. It all goes wrong when they get really fucked up! IMDb


Liam Neeson goes one man army on a bunch of bad guys. This is a really good movie, you have to see it! IMDb


Robot aliens come to Earth to continue a war between good and evil. While the Transformers themselves could have looked more like the cartoon, its still a pretty good movie. IMDb


An alternative super hero movie. Great visuals. First viewing, I didn’t enjoy it that much. But the more you watch it, the more you like it. IMDb

Man On Fire

Denzel goes all one man army on a bunch of bad guys. Not a bad watch! IMDb

2 Fast 2 Furious

Vin Diesel isn’t in this one but it isn’t a bad movie. More undercover agents, more street racing, what more do you want? Needed more muscle cars though! IMDb

True Lies

An over the top sky caper. Wait, did I just say caper? Anyway, parts of this movie suck, but other parts are pretty cool. IMDb

The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift

I’ll be honest, this is the worst of the Fast And Furious movies but it is watchable. IMDb

The Hangover Part 2

Not as bad as a lot of people say. Sure there are some ideas they revisited, but it still made me laugh. IMDb


An animated movie about a little robot looking for love. Alright to watch once, not much replay value though. IMDb


At the time, amazing to see the way they recreated the Titanic itself. As a movie though, it drags on and at times, its stupid. If it was on TV right now, I wouldn’t sit through it. IMDb

27 Dresses

Want to spend a couple of hours watching a movie about a needy, narcissistic cow? This is the movie for you! IMDb

In Her Shoes

I was forced to sit through this movie once. It made me want to kill myself. I just wanted to end my misery! IMDb

House Of 1000 Corpses

There is not a single redeeming feature about this movie. The DVD menu is more entertaining than this try hard effort. The least shocking shock movie you will ever see. IMDb


How Are These Ratings Put Together

First of all, the ratings above are not the result of some scientific formula. They are simply the result of how much I enjoy these movies.

The things that effect the way I rate movies are things like, how much I enjoyed it on the first viewing, how much I enjoyed them on the 50th viewing, are they a classic, are they unique, if they come on TV do you have to sit down and watch them. Things like that.

If you agree or disagree, or you want to rate a movie you have seen recently, log into the site and have your say in the comment box below!

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