England and France Are Both Totally Screwed

Its amazing how the World Cup was such a success for everyone except England and France, both of which basically killed off any hope that they were heading in the right direction.

Its been known for decades that the English game is all but dead, however the pathetic performance of France was shocking to all.

That brings us to the totally boring prospect of France taking on England is a one off Test match next month.

From England its the same shit we have come to know and love. Super coach Tony Smith is going to “Ring in the changes”, which actually sounds like something thats got Matthew Johns in a whole lot of trouble recently.

Seriously, what could Smith possibly do to improve England?

lets just pretend for a moment that he is a good enough coach to get a job in his own hemisphere, that he has a record of even competent coaching decisions and that his track record is, well, acceptable. I know its a stretch, but just humor me for a second.

What could Smith do to make England any better when the fact is, England players are simply not good enough. There is not enough talent. There is not enough skill. There is not enough toughness. There is no desire to improve.

It could be worse though, you could be France.

France decided to making a coaching change after Jonie Monie sucked the life out of them. They needed new blood, someone that was at the cutting edge and who could turn things around.

They chose Bobby Goulding, I shit you not.

Goulding was interviewed by The Sun recently and I quote “Either you want to play or you don’t. If you don’t, there’s the door.”.

Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it, especially when you find that Goulding doesn’t speak a word of French and doesn’t actually speak English all that well either.

So what chance do either England or France really have? Is this going to be an exhibition in watching two formally great Rugby League nations running around as a former shadow of themselves?

Is it wrong that I think France may actually have the coaching edge?

England will win this game, it will do as expected, gloss over all the problems in the dying England game and give undeserved confidence to a side that should be ashamed of their record over the last 30 years.

Remember all the hot air and bullshit that came out of England in this corresponding match last year….they were ready to call themselves favorites for the World Cup.

Neither of these countries have any chance at success until they face realities and make tough decisions.

France needs to cut lose anyone thats had any association with the British game from within their system. The British game is dead because of these people! If France wants to import players, coaches or administrators, they need to look to successful nations like New Zealand and Australia.

As for England…have you got three hours?

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