DOOM 2016 Xbox One Review

DOOM is the latest remake of the classic first person shooter that started it all by id software. Having grown up playing the original Doom, and then Doom II, every other incarnation of the game, including Doom 3, I was interested to see how the modern day version lined up with the classics.

I was not disappointed.

All of the old foes from the original are recreated and recognizable and they all offer a similar, although updates challenge.

The fast pace of DOOM took a little while to get use to after playing a slower paced FPS like Destiny for so long. It doesn’t take you long to get use to the fast action, and you have to adjust your style of play very quickly as you recognize that constant movement is the best way to stay alive.

Slow stalking of demons quickly goes out the door as you get up to speed with the fast pace and the weapon options available to you.

The ability to jump and drag yourself up to platforms make for a 3D environment with a a lot of hidden pathways and secrets to search for. The handy system of having green lighting to show you a platform is available to jump to also stops you from wasting your time in certain areas, as well as showing you the way in areas that may become a bit confusing.

The weapons in DOOM are well balanced, unique in design, and really give you a sense of having to pick the right weapon for the right job.

I found myself overlooking the hand cannon very early on and using the shotgun almost exclusively, however as I moved on to other weapons, eventually finding all of them, I still found a place for the hand cannon in later stages of the game and started using it more and more. That shows how well balanced the weapons system is in DOOM.

Suit and weapon upgrades are rolled out at a nice pace and you feel yourself growing in strength at the right pace as the story moves along.

Considering how fast this game moves, the graphics are outstanding. Having played Doom for a solid week, when I moved back to Destiny it felt like a real downgrade in terms of polish and frame rate…and Destiny can be a great looking game!

Environments look beautiful, the scenery is constantly changing and it never feels like you are stuck in places that all look the same. No mean feat when you consider you are either on the surface of Mars, inside airlocks, or, in Hell itself.

Weapons all look fantastic, the beasts you take on all look really unique and identifiable from a distance, and in a game dripping with nostalgia it doesn’t take much to notice things in this game that you grew up recognizing from just a handful of pixels!

I would describe Doom as a brilliantly simple, challenging, fun first person shooter that you can blast your way through, but provides enough challenge that it also can feel like you’re solving puzzle at times.

If you loved the originals, I have no doubt you will also love this game.

I’d rate DOOM 5/5 and a must have for anyone that enjoys first person shooters.

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