ANZAC Test Match Wrap

Well first off, lets wrap up the first Rugby League Test match of 2005.

Its wasnt the best Test match ever, but they are not all going to be gifts from God are

I thought Australia did what they had to, they never got out of first gear and they got the
job done.

As for New Zealand, I thought there were some very good signs in their performance.

First of all, the performance of their VERY young side. They lost the game, but they didn’t lose by as much as many people expected.

Their best players were their young players while the players that seemed to be making all the mistakes were their more experienced players.

NZ looked a much better side when Cayless and Asotasi entered the game as Wiki and Rauhihi were benched.

Rauhihi never puts in a big performance in a big game and the mistakes he makes are terrible. As for Wiki, a great player, but time has taken its toll and now he just looks like a tired old front rower.

If the Kiwi’s could dig up a good young halfback and a hard working hooker, they would be in a very good position going into the 2008 World Cup.

As for Australia….not much needs to be said. They got the job done.

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