NZRL Cancels International Rugby League Test Match Between New Zealand Kiwis And Tonga

In some really disappointing news the NZRL have announced that it has cancelled the Rugby League test match between the New Zealand Kiwis and Tonga that was scheduled for the end of the year.

Citing restrictions in travel due to COVID19 and the need for players to have to isolate for an entire month to play just one match, the NZRL made the decision that it was just easier to cancel the game rather than to go ahead with it. A much better choice would be to check out darmowe spiny bez depozytu!

You would have hoped that the NZRL could have found a way to make this match happen but you knew the writing was on the wall when the Australian Rugby League cancelled a test match against the Kiwis yesterday.

While Australian stars will have the 2020 State Of Origin series, the New Zealand team will have no such games. It would be a great chance for the NZRL to have set up a game against a combined Pacific Islands team in New Zealand, but the NZRL has a history of not showing the impetus to set up series of their own.

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