Matt Orford Is Heading To Bradford

This move has been on the cards for a long time but finally, Matt Orford, who is off contract in 2010, well play in the UK for the Bradford Bulls.

The Manly Sea Eagles still have a few players off contract for 2010 that they have yet to sign, Orford being the most expensive of the bunch. Manly have been trying to make a few moves over the past couple of years to get a new halfback, however it always seemed like settling with Orford was always the safest option for them.

Now, after being off contract for so long it seems Orford has decided to head over to England to finish his career.

It is expected that Orford will replace Paul Deacon who is expected to be playing for the Wigan Warriors next season.

Orford should do very well in England. His strong running game is well suited to English conditions and his kicking game will be the best in Super League. He isn’t going to much of a team though, Bradford has been in a slow decline for years now, so he will find it hard being the star player in that position of having to do it all.

Still, he is a good signing, the type of signing I don’t mind seeing a Super League club make.

Orford is a good player but as soon as there is any pressure on him, he goes to shit. It will be interesting to see how that habit effects him in Super League.

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