Hot Toys Collection

So I have a bit of a hobby I started over lockdown and that is buying high end collectables. This page is to display my collection of Hot Toys.

If you have any questions about any of these figures feel free to get in touch!

Current Collection
My current collection consists of manly Marvel and Star Wars figures. Those figures are:

Iron Man mark 7
Iron Man Mark 46 Concept Version
Thor Infinity War
Captain America Endgame Version
Rocket Racoon Endgame Version
Star Lord Infinity War
Spider Man PS4 Advanced Suit
Spider Man Far From Home Upgraded Suit
Punisher War Machine
Deadpool Dusty Version
Thanos Armroured Version
Wolverine Custom Figure

Star Wars
Luke Skywalker Deluxe Endor version
Darth Maul Solo Version
Captain Rex
Death Watch Mandalorian
Mandalorian Beskar
Darth Varder Empire Strikes Back
Han Solo From Solo Movie

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