Penrith Panthers Bid To Buy The Western Sydney Wanderers Rejected By The FFA

The Sydney Daily Telegraph is reporting that the Penrith Panthers made an expression of interest to a company charged with finding a buying for A League club the Western Sydney Wanderers, only for the FFA to step in and deny the the move.

The move is a curious one when you consider the amount of work still left to make the Penrith Panthers competitive.

David Gallop rightly points out that to hand control of the Wanderers over to an organisation that is almost entirely focused on a completely different sport would be a bad move.

You also have to consider that the Wanderers have established themselves in Parramatta and have secured funding for stadium upgrades based on their commitment to playing at Parramatta Stadium. Obviously the Panthers would want to see the Wanderers playing at Penrith Football Stadium.

As a fan of both the Penrith Panthers and the Western Sydney Wanderers I’ll be writing a little more about this later on today.

In the past we have seen soccer clubs owned by Rugby League clubs. The Parramatta Eels heavily invested in the Parramatta Power NSL club. They lost millions of dollars in the process.

The Penrith Panthers really should stay focused on Rugby League for now….

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