7 Reasons Why Josh Mansour Should Re-Sign With The Penrith Panthers

Josh Mansour is off contract at the end of the season and right now it looks as though he is weighing up a deal to head to the Canberra Raiders, or stick with the Penrith Panthers for what is likely to be less money.

Now, I’m a Penrith Panthers survivor (That’s no typo!), but I like to think I can approach this subject from a complete unbiased point of view.

So here are 7 reasons why Josh Mansour should re-sign with the mighty Penrith Panthers.

1. Become A One Club Player
Is there anything better than being a one club player? Josh made his first grade debut with the Penrith Panthers and now find himself on the verge of playing State Of Origin football. You don’t want to end up collecting jerseys like Brett Kimmorley did!

2. The Grass Isn’t Always Greener
When things are going well, sometimes its not a great idea to move clubs. Sure some players perform no matter where they play, but I think of players like Brett Kimmorley, Matt Orford and Tony Williams who just never managed to kick on at their new clubs for what ever reason.

3. Ricky Stuart “Magic”
How do I put this delicately? Ricky Stuart turns everything he touches to shit. He has taken an erratic, under-performing Canberra Raiders team and turned them into a complete disaster. Look how much better the Parramatta Eels are after he walked out on them!

4. Its Freezing In Canberra
I like in Penrith and so I know it can get pretty cold here. That cold winter air rolls down off the hill and it can freeze your bones. Well, that is a good day in Canberra! To say it is cold in Canberra is like saying Ricky Stuart isn’t a very good coach. It is a massive understatement.

5. The Attractions In Penrith
Indoor skydiving, aqua golf, Krispy Kreme, the harness racing track, aqua golf, white water rafting, water skiing, aqua golf, High Street Pies, and did I mention aqua golf? Why the hell would you leave any of that behind?

6. Black Jerseys Look Awesome
Who wants to play footy wearing lime green? Seriously, the Panthers black jerseys look great. You want to look good when you play, right? You can’t look good wearing lime green jerseys. In Penrith, you won’t have to wear a ridiculous coloured jersey.

7. The Penrith Panthers Need You
I don’t know if you have noticed this, but the Panthers for what ever reason like to play it pretty cautiously when it comes to giving young wingers a run. They like to stick with what they know. That is a good thing when you have a winger like Josh Mansour who eats meters like George Rose cake. We need Josh Mansour to stick with the mighty Penrith Panthers!

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