Which Two State Of Origin Players Do You Want To See Throw Down?

League Freakosaurus.

That is what David Smith and the new NRL regime would have you call me. I’m a dinosaur from a bygone era that wants to watch a tough game of football that occasional see’s two dudes start throwing punches.

It is no good for the game. It makes it hard to market the game. It turns off fictional parents who don’t want their fictional kids playing this sport that they can not differentiate between the professional level and the local footy field with kids playing for the love of the game.

I am part of the problem, and the solution is that players will be sin binned for 10 minutes if they throw a punch.

Now that New South Wales has won the State Of Origin series and all that is left on the line is personal pride….I think it is time to see a State Of Origin fight!

I think Paul Gallen and Nate Myles have some unfinished business to attend to. We all remember Gallen punching the crap out of Myles, it actually led to this new sin bin for punching rule.

Here it is…

I’m a huge fan of Nate Myles game. I think he is one of the best forwards in the NRL. He just doesn’t give up! He is always there playing tough. He is the type of players the opposition looks up at 75 minutes into the match and questions how he can still be running the ball so hard or smashing them in defense.

Myles has never really been given the chance to square up for the belting Gallen gave him. He has been one of the top 3 forwards on the field in every State Of Origin series since, but that won’t be enough for Myles.

Paul Gallen meanwhile has finally won a State Of Origin series. If he finds himself standing toe-to-toe with Nate Myles again, with the knowledge that the Sharks season is a write off anyway so being suspended won’t do much more damage, you think these two won’t start trading punches?

There will be a number of players that will be heading into State Of Origin three that will be thinking the same way. Last night on NRL 360 Willie Mason said that he wants to see players fight in the third State Of Origin game just to see what happens!

These players don’t need protected. They are not unique and delicate flowers that shy away from physical confrontation. If they make the decision to start trading punches, let them fight I say!

If it means that a few people decide they hate Rugby League from that moment on, that is fine. They can just leave the other 4 million of us to turn into the first State Of Origin game in season 2015!

So, which players would you like to see start trading punches in State Of Origin three? Leave your answer in the comment box below. You don’t even need to register, just type away!

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