Rugby Africa Cup Repechage: Confirmed Dates and Location

The rugby Cup Repechage is a rugby union that takes place yearly. The tournament is organized by Rugby Africa and consists of African Nations. This one-of-a-kind rugby tournament started in 2000, and it has grown into an international phenomenon with plenty of betting opportunities for placing bets on the New Jersey online sportsbooks to enjoy the games. Online sites and betting apps have made sports gambling accessible for even first time users

Brief History
After its inauguration in 2000, five teams took part in the tournament: South Africa, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Morocco. A second division of the same Division was formed and named CAR Development Trophy. Currently, it is preferred as the African Development Trophy and is reserved for the U19s National Teams.

The Africa Cup of Nations was coupled with the Rugby World Qualification in 2006. The winner of the Africa Cup automatically qualified for the World Cup. After over a decade since the coveted Rugby African Cup was inaugurated, they created a Division 1A in 2011, and in 2014, the Division became a four-team championship.

The country that will qualify for the 2023 Rugby World Cup will be the winner of the 2022 Africa Cup. The team that’s become second will qualify in November 2022 when they take part in their final qualification tournament.

The 2023 World Cup will take place in France, 2023; hence the Rugby Africa Cup in 2022 will be used as a stepping stone for the teams that would like to take part in the biggest competition. The Rugby Africa Cup has not taken place in the last two seasons due to the corona pandemic and lack of finances but is set to resume in 2021. The winner will automatically qualify, while those that come second will head to the final qualifier with three teams from different confederations. Twelve teams have already secured a place in France 2023 after emerging in the top three in their pools at RWC 2019. The other eight remaining slots will be filled by a procedure of cross-regional and regional qualifiers.

In the end, the process will have a four-team final qualification competition in 2022. The twelve teams to have qualified are; Fiji, Italy, Scotland, Argentina, Ireland, Australia, France (host), Japan, Wales, England, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Among the teams expected to participate in the round-robin competition over three days; matches are; Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Burundi. The tournament winner is expected to join Pool D in the rugby Africa Cup held in Tunisia in July. Zimbabwe and Tunisia National teams make up Group D.

Rugby Africa has announced the following schedule for the fixtures that will get off the ground
once the tournament begins:

Thursday, June 3- the arrival of all visiting teams
Saturday, June 5- Nigeria vs. Burundi and Cameroon vs. Burkina Faso
Wednesday, June 9- Nigeria vs. Burkina Faso and Burundi vs. Cameroon
Sunday, June 13- Nigeria vs. Cameroon and Burkina Faso vs. Burundi
Monday, June 14- visiting teams depart.

Over the years, African Cup has evolved at a quick pace. Fans and players are more excited whenever they participate in this big competition. More teams have been involved in the competition to show that the game is growing upward.

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