Blake Ferguson And Josh Dugan In Trouble After Alleged Backdoor Incident

It took a matter of hours for Blake Ferguson and Josh Dugan to get into trouble after being reunited as State Of Origin team mates.

The allegations against Ferguson, with Dugan mostly said to be a passive third party, are still sketchy. Something is alleged to have happened at a nightclub, a woman was involved, and the Police as well as the NRL’s Integrity Unit are investigating an alleged indecent assault.

Don’t act shocked.

It was a running joke as soon as Ferguson and Dugan were named in the NSW lineup at 5pm in Sunday afternoon that these two would go off in camp. While its hard to suggest they were officially in Blues camp, the fact these two allegedly found trouble so quickly says a lot.

At the very least both players have once again shown they have zero ability to recognize when they are potentially getting themselves into trouble. Why would they?

It was only March when Blake Ferguson was fined and suspended by the Canberra Raiders and Josh Dugan was sacked for that famous incident on a roof in Canberra. Since then both players have rocketed to almost the pinnacle of the game, State Of Origin level.

The game of Rugby League has taught these two players that if they screw up, its OK, give it a few weeks and we will embrace you!

It was less than 24 hours ago that I asked Is Rewarding Josh Dugan With A NSW Jersey The Right Thing To Do? I copped a lot of heat for writing that article. What do you think now?

We will now have to wait for all the investigations to be concluded to say much more but these two players have a severe lack of judgement and people within the game have a lot to answer for for that.

Everyone involved in their joint selection has to be honest with themselves and the media and accept that they rolled the dice and came up snake eyes.

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