What Next For Conor McGregor?


It was a matchup that had been on the cards for years. Two fan favourites going head-to-head in the octagon. The 40 second destruction of Cowboys Cerrone by Conor McGregor signalled the Irishmans return to the top of the pile when it comes to drawcords in the UFC, and it could signal alarm bells for his opponents.

McGregor put his stamp on the bout immediately, landing a flying knee to Cerrone at the start of the bout. He split Cerrone’s nose open and staggered the American, and followed it up with a clean kick to the jaw which flawed his opponent. From there it was all over, with McGregor having not received a single punch.

This win will no doubt see the very best bookmakers scrambling to install McGregor as favourite
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Many are predicting that the UFC will push for a rematch against winner of Aprils title fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson. Others will be hoping we get to see McGregor take on Jorge Masvidal. Plenty still would pay good money to see the Irishman take on old foe Nate Diaz.

Even Floyd Mayweather got in on the act, teasing a rematch with McGregor in the boxing ring!

Plenty of people had suggested that McGregor would lose his hunger for reaching the top after banking so much money in his first fight against Mayweather, and having already achieved so much in the UFC.

On top of that McGregor’s whiskey company is extremely profitable, at this stage McGregor is not looking at fighting for a living any more. Now, McGregor can do what ever he likes, and it is clear that he can still be a draw card in both the octagon and within the boxing ring.

Where that sees him end up over the next couple of years is anyones guess. McGregor has started that he would like to retire early and had no interest fighting into his mid to late 30s as much fighters do. If the fire burns within him though, which it clearly does based on his latest performance, it would be hard for McGregor to walk away from all of the challengers that are lining up to face him.

With an incredible legacy already, what ever McGregor choose to do next is anyones guess. No matter what he does, one thing is for certain…we will all be watching with great interest.

I personally hope he sets his sights on within another UFC title and sticks to MMA. It is where he is at his best, where he can light up the sporting world, and where he can set new records and continue to wow fans with his brilliant skill and incredible ability to promote anything.

The UFC and MMA in general needs Conor McGregor right now. They need true superstars that turn up and deliver. As he showed in his latest victory, no one is better at delivering than the notorious Conor McGregor!

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