Tim Sheens Looking For $1.5 Million From The Wests Tigers

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Tim Sheens will go ahead with his legal action against the Wests Tigers in an effort to receive the full amount of money he believes the club owes him after they sacked him at the end of the 2012 season.

The payout Sheens is after is reported to be between $1.2 and $1.5 million.

A big payout is the last thing the Wests Tigers need to be worrying about with the Balmain Tigers side of the joint venture having financial issues.

Coaching contracts are interesting because clubs offer coaches big, long term deals, and when they sack them they normally pay out the full contract.

At one point this led to the Parramatta Eels paying a few different coaches at once, all of whom had been sacked by the club in quick succession.

I’m not sure why the Wests Tigers have refused to pay Tim Sheens. It seems kinda like a dick move by the club. people blow up regularly when players look to get out of contracts they have signed, very few people blow up when clubs look to screw over coaches or players though.

Tim Sheens was lucky, he left the Wests Tigers and found himself coaching the Australian test team. He will be earning a decent amount in that gig. Still, if the Tigers owe Sheens money they should just pay up.

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