NRL Integrity Unit Investing Reni Maitua, Russell Packer And Richie Fa’aoso

The NRL Integrity Unit has announced that it is investigating three separate incidents involving NRL players at three separate clubs.

The Canterbury Bulldogs Reni Maitua, Newcastle Knights Russell Packer and Manly Sea Eagles Richie Fa’aoso have been involved in three separate, non related incidents over the last few days.

Maitua has taken to Twitter to apologise for fans after being charged by police with common assault. He has been suspended by the Bulldogs.

The nature of Russell Packers indiscretion has not been revealed at the time of writing this post but it will no doubt hit the headlines soon.

Richie Fa’aoso meanwhile is under investigation for his conduct yesterday that included allegations of domestic issues and driving offences.

It is great that the NRL now moves so swiftly on off field issues. It will be interesting to see what penalties they had down considering it is the off season.

Normally the NRL will suspend players for games for certain off field incidents. This time around we may see players heavily fined though.

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