I Think The North Queensland Cowboys Will Win The 2018 NRL Premiership

Yeah, I’m back.

I find it really tough to ever tip against the Melbourne Storm. They are the best run club in the game, the best coached team, they have an experienced captain that only knows how to win every competition he takes part in, and they replace anyone they lose with the best young players in the game.

Not a bad all-round packed really!

The thing is, this year I find it really hard to look past the North Queensland Cowboys…

Last years finals series was an amazing statement by the Cowboys. Without their two best players on the field the club forced their way into the NRL Grand Final based on their winning DNA. as champions from just a few seasons ago themselves, you have a core of players at the club that knows what it takes to win the premiership. When they made their run in last years finals series, they just refused to lose many of those games. They showed grit, determination, and ultimately forced their opponents to blink first a number of times. It was an amazing run to watch.

They brought back the same side in 2018, but now they have a healthy Johnathan Thurston, a healthy Matt Scott, and in adding Jordan McLean, the club actually improved its playing roster.

Add all of that to a side that just made the Grand Final and you end up with a club that will be very hard to beat this season.

The Cowboys can beat your right across the field. Their halves are obviously outstanding, even if you look at the three man rotation of Thurston, Michael Morgan, and even Te Maire Martin, who I consider to be the best backup half in the competition.

Out wide the Cowboys backs not only get the job done, but they perform when the big moments roll around.

Its up from where the Cowboys are simply outstanding.

Scott and McLean are two of the best front rowers in the game, while Jason Taumalolo is not only the best forward in the competition, he is one of the best forwards in the games history! His go forward is incredible, his footwork is amazing for someone his size, and he is maybe the strongest player I have ever seen play the game.

The Cowboys are just the total package. I think once they really get clicking every team in the competition will find them hard to beat. I wouldn’t be shocked if they went on a bit of a winning streak at some point this year, one that sees them lose just a few games all season.

So, first article of the year, first big prediction, lets see how it goes! 😀

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