Hock Looking At Ban For Positive Test To Cocaine….IDIOT!

Ditch digger or professional footballer? Hmmm, I know which one I would choose. With that in mind I can’t think of too many reasons for putting my choice in jeopardy, especially when one of those reasons is because I’m so fucking boring that a need to snort junk to have a good time.

Thats just me though!

Should we have seen this coming, I mean, is it normal for someones eyes to be sunk into the back of their heads like that?

Cocaine has been the drug of sportsmen for some time, simply because it gets out of your system so quickly. Marijuana lingers for a long, long time, where as with Coke, you need to basically be snorting the crap was your pissing into a cup to be caught doing it.

Its such a stupid thing to do, but he isn’t going out into the wilderness on this one.

Wendell Sailor has shown everyone that yes kids, you can do drugs and it can work out in the long run. He was banned by the Australian rugby union for two years, a ban that was effective in Rugby League, and he has come back to The Greatest Game, back into first grade, back into a long list of well paid media jobs….kids, do drugs!

Still Sailor is a big name player, I mean, Hock is a professional footballer based on the fact that no one else in England can play the damn game, and then he goes and fucks it up!

As they say:

Now some people will get all upset over a positive test, but I want these idiots found and banned. Its when people are not getting found and banned that you start to question a sports drug testing policy.

So we head into another day and somewhere out there, a bloke that earned so much money by playing footy is now wondering how he could be so utterly stupid.

How embarrassing it must be to be Gareth Hock tonight.

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