Counting The Cost Of The Super League Battle

The Super League battle was a drawn out and messy affair that last 8 years and Australian rugby has taken nearly a decade to make a full recovery. Undoubtedly in the end the biggest winners had to be players and team managers. From whichever way you look at it, the battle was always going to be about money, and several players and managers became multi millionaires overnight by going to online casino ohne deutsche lizenz. The only other way anyone could ever hope to obtain such a huge amount of money at once would be if they won big at an online or mobile casino and claimed a jackpot like those on offer at The commission earned by both players and managers was monumental and many players went instantly from being part time to full time pro.

News Ltd also emerged as big winners, beating ARL and securing exclusive rights to the National Rugby League Competition, giving them a 50% stake with the Rugby League. The cost incurred by News Ltd made their win even sweeter, but they are now linked to Rugby League for the foreseeable future whilst they recoup costs.

The ARL was allowed to keep a semblance of control over the National Club Competition but over the last 8 years and following the lengthily Super League battle they have become a rather pathetic figure. With rugby being Australia’s favourite sport and a multimillion dollar industry, they have had to capitalise on their hold over the lucrative State of Origin Series to reclaim their position as a major player.

The cost to teams was huge and over a billion dollars was spent, 5 teams shut down permanently , 4 teams were forced into reluctant mergers and one team shuffled around so much that their rebirth 6 months after being disbanded was dismal.

The International Rugby League suffered so much from the fighting that it virtually fell apart. It has been a long road to rebuild it and many junior and pro players suffered a loss of confidence both in the game and the governing bodies who ran it.

It’s been a decade since the dust settled and the rugby business is booming, stands are always filled and players and managers seem confident that the war is over. The industry continues to expand, showing that rugby can withstand serious pressures and still be the greatest game on earth.

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