The 2006 Challenge Cup And The Lack Of Buildup…

So Im over here in Pommyland and the Challenge Cup is on this weekend.

Great, I can go to my first Challenge Cup….in Twickenham….to see St Helens….take on Huddersfield….

Ummm…no. I think I’ll be saving my money on this one and going to a Challenge Cup Final next year that will hopefully provide some type of buildup and excitement.

Its not just the fact that St Helens are expected to romp away with an easy win that puts me off.

I hate St Helens! Everyone does! No one honestly wants to see St Helens win this weekend. If St Helens win people will remember this game for five minutes before getting back into the League season proper. It would just be another game to fans.

I mean, this is a team with Sean Long in it! Sean Long!

And then there is Huddersfield, a team who have stamped themselves as the most bland, boring football team this side of the Canberra Raiders.

Who honestly wants to see Robbie Paul push aisde all his team mates again to accept a trophy like he used to at Bradford. Jimmy Lowes is still trying to get the microphone off Robbie Paul to thank everyone in his last game before retirement!

So you have a team everyone hates against a boring side nobody follws. Hmmm….who to follow….

Now obviously I want to see St helens getting smacked. Any day St Helens or Wigan lose is its a good day, but geez…Huddersfield….

Of course, we all have Leeds to thank for this borefest. If they had just been able to put away a team they should have shamed, we would have been looking forward to a top game. Someone must have mentioned the word “Final” in their match against Huddersfield and they all clammoured to see who could choke the hardest.

So next year, what do we want?

We wants a side we all hate playing against an interesting side we think will give the side we hate a run for their money.

We want it played at Wembley.

We want some contraversy heading into the match and we want some of those double quater pounders (Oh hang on, thats just me…Im hungry you see).

Maybe next year….someone wake me up when this one is all over!

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