Reports Sonny Bill Williams Will Sign For The Toronto Wolfpack For $9 Million

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the Toronto Wolfpack has offered Sonny Bill Williams and eyewaterinw 2 year, $9 million contract to join the club starting in 2020 as they start their first season in Super League.

Under Super League salary cap rules only a small portion of that contract would count towards the Wolfpack’s salary cap as Williams would count as a marquee signing.

It is a crazy amount of money for a 34 year old Rugby Union player. For that much money the Wolfpack could have their choice of pretty much any player in the world.

The Wolfpack would be far better off offering half as much to get a player like Semi Radradra from Rugby Union, a player in his prime who would tear apart the Super League competition.

You have to wonder if that money would be enough to lure a player like Cooper Cronk to Toronto for a could of years.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about some of the players the Toronto Wolfpack could target. When I wrote that article I wasn’t even thinking that the Wolfpack would be making a massive offers like the one reported.

With Sonny Bill Williams run at the Rugby Union World Cup now over he is free to look at the next chapter of his career. If he takes up the Wolfpack offer is anyones guess, but for that much money, I would guess he will be playing in Super League next year.

That would be great for the Super League competition in general and will no doubt generate a lot of much needed publicity for the competition.

It also makes you wonder about how current Super League clubs based in small towns can ever hope to compete with a club with Toronto if they are financially able to make such a massive offer to a player.

This move would be huge in many different ways…not the least of which will be the impact it has on Sonny Bill Williams bank account!

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