Are You Part Of The Glorious League Freak’s Social Network?

You can never have too much of a good thing, expecially when that good thing is me!

So this post is all about making sure you are hooked up to the entire League Freak experience!

First of all the best thing you can do is bookmark this web site. It sounds simple enough but you wouldn’t believe how many people search Google for “League Freak”, “The Glorious League Freak” or my personal favorite “”.

You can also subscribe to the site by clicking RIGHT HERE.

If you are on Twitter you can get a constant stream of my opinions and abuse. My Twitter address is and I’m getting up towards 4,000 followers and its always cool to see the people that connect with each other because of my Twitter feed. I Retweet people all the time so don’t be shy, follow me and say hello!

There there is the Facebook page. This is really handy because I post different sorts of content on there and we also have a few pretty good discussions about artiocles I post on there. There are some good Rugby League Facebook pages, and I reckon mine is one of the better ones. So go and like

Last but not least, you can join this web site and have your say on any article at all. Simply join the web site here:

Got all of that? Now you’re all hooked up with The Glorious League Freaks social network!

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