Andrew Fifita Has No Sympathy For Cowboys Seven Tackle Finals Exit In 2013

Andrew Fifita has be pretty blunt when talking about the North Queensland Cowboys final exit against the Cronulla Sharks last season.

Fifita told Fairfax media that he didn’t notice the mistake that saw the Cronulla Sharks score a try one the 7th tackle in last years finals series match against the Cowboys. The Sharks went on to win the game by a score line of 20-18.

It wasn’t the first time the Cowboys has been screwed over in the finals either. The year before the Cowboys were eliminated from the finals series after copping a number of bad decisions against the Manly Sea Eagles.

Andrew Fifita couldn’t give a stuff though!

“It’s a final and it happened,”

“If anything, we look at it the other way. I was right there at the start of that set when Robert Lui dropped it clean into us. It should have been zero tackle, that’s how I look at it.”

“If they scored that last try, they wouldn’t have brought it up. They wouldn’t have said anything. It was about time for the Sharks to get something go their way for once, everything else seems to go against us.”

Thats pretty cold!

You’d think that would be all the motivation the North Queensland Cowboys need this weekend when they face the Sharks.

If they rack up a big score line I’d suggest Andrew Fifita will regret having anything to say about this.

Link: Andrew Fifita says Cowboys had enough time to quash seven-tackle effect

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