Alex McKinnon Out On An Induced Coma, Breathing On His Own

Alex McKinnon is out of an induced coma and breathing without a ventilator. He is now able to communicate with his family and there is hope that he will soon be able to be transferred to a hospital in Sydney.

This is all very good news but it is still very early days. There is a very long way to go before doctors will know the full extent of Alex’s injuries and whether or not he will recover the use of his lower extremities.

The good news comes on the back on a big win by the Newcastle Knights over the Cronulla Sharks. The Knights won 30-0 at home on a very emotional day. There is hope that the Knights will be able to fly down to see Alex in hospital this week.

Everyone is thinking about Alex McKinnon right now. There wasn’t a single game I watched this weekend without thinking about Alex and having people ask if I knew any updates. If I know anything I will post it on this web site.

Lets hope Alex keeps improving. The entire game of Rugby League is behind him.

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