So These Two Thugs Won’t Be Playing Another Game This Year….Right?

St Helens standoff Leon Pryce and and Warrington Wolves fullback Stuart Reardon have both pleaded guilty to assault.

The BBC Reports that the two players had been drinking before they forced their way into the house of Reardons estranged wife, he assaulted her while Pryce assaulted her current partner.

They did this after hearing that Reardon’s ex wife had a new boyfriend. So they went around, Pryce armed with a Rounders Bat (Loser!), smashed through the front door and did what any stupid thug/moron/low life would do.

Hopefully these two end up in jail and end up being passed around as fresh meat to all the sick perverts and thugs the corrections officers can find.

In the mean time, what are these two disgusting pigs doing playing Rugby League?

Over here in Australia we are standing down players for getting drunk (Brett Seymour) and yet over in England you have people admitting to committing break and enter and assault and the clubs as well as the RFL don’t have any problems in letting them play.

Would you want your son or daughter cheering for either of these low life’s on the weekend?

They want to make Rugby League a family friendly game, they want to clean up the games image and protect its reputation from an English media that feeds on sensationalism and tired old cliches, yet no one at all even hints at bringing up the fact that these two will be allowed to play for their clubs this weekend.

Its a disgrace.

And the reason for the lack of outrage from other clubs is simply, they are looking after their own interests.

Just as the Catalan Dragons have made Greg Bird their captain this week (What an honor…) and Super League clubs love nothing more then becoming a refuge for every low life that has been shown the door in other competitions, the other Super League clubs don’t want to have to apply the standards to their club that the rest of society demands.

We all know the players in Super League who are always on the booze, always causing trouble, always have the Police dealing with them. Hell, many of these players get chants sung about them at games.

And yet no one does anything. Who cares as long as they can play a bit of football!

If anyone within the British game even has a shred of decency, these two will be stood down or sacked.

Don’t do it for me, do it for all the kids that follow the game. Give one less excuse to the mother who might not want her son to play Rugby League because its full of criminals.

Do it for the woman who went through a night of hell and now has to watch these two get cheered on because they can play football….

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