Monaghan Heads To Warrington For Four Years And Manly Could Pay The Price

Manly sometimes halfback Michael Monaghan has signed a four year contract to play for the Warrington Wolves after gaining an early release from his contract with the Manly Sea Eagles.

Monaghan wanted the opportunity to play halfback on a full time basis and while his form was good for the Sea Eagles, he was never going to be able to achieve that goal at Manly as long as Matt Orford was there.

A number of clubs were chasing Monaghan with the West Tigers and Hull FC making offers for the halfback before he signed with Wire.

Monaghan is a good signing for the Wolves and will finally give the club a top class, long term halfback that the club has lacked since Allan Langer left the club.

He is a tough player that always gives 100% and he has a smart kicking and passing game.

I think the Sea Eagles have played better with Monaghan at halfback, but Orford is on a big contract and I guess the club see’s him as a better long term prospect. They would be hoping he stays at the club because if they lose Orford to the UK as well at the end of the season Manly fans will not be a happy bunch.

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