Super League Announces The Fourteen License Holders

And the winners are the Celtic Crusaders and the Salford City Reds.

As you can imagine there have been all sorts of reactions but this is pretty much what I expected to happen.

The Crusaders are the first Welsh Super League club and have had a major amount of support by the RFL to get into Super League. I don;t think they got any underhand help over other clubs, but there is no doubt that the RFL told them if they got to a certain level they would be in.

As for Salford, its more a case of best of the rest.

Of the two other teams they had to beat, French club Toulouse probably needs a couple more years to be really ready and Widnes was in Administration only 9 months ago!

Everyone knows I would like to see Salford change their name to Manchester. Its not like you’re changing a club with a great historical name, because Salford is a poor club. Its also not as if you are going to alienate a loyal supporter base, because their supporters are a bunch of whinging, fair weather bandwagoners anyway.

I fully expect that in the next round of expansion Toulouse will be next in line. After that, who knows, but I suspect that the likes of Wakefield, Castleford and even Salford will be under the hammer from French teams.

Anyway, a good day for the game, we FINALLY get a Welsh Super League club. Best of all, they have the same colours as this web site!

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